CORONA se Darona : iBOOKS at your help

We are passing through the most unprecedented passages of time in world history. While a virus runs rampant across the globe, we have been confined within the four walls of our homes. Even as our Nation has hunkered down to tackle the issue, time continues to tick.... it does not wait.

  • Keeping this in mind, we've already started our courses for 2020-21, online, which is the new normal now! By the way, we are the one who has PIONEERED THE ONLINE TEACHING, long (approximately 10 years) back in India. So undoubtedly, with us, you will have an unprecedented advantage.
  • To help our students who are going to appear at entrance exam this year (which sooner or later going to be conducted), we're currently running some refresher/.... .. courses and also plan to start some other depending upon how things unfold. Because from our past experience we've seen, any sort of break during preparation has often hampered performances of student considerably, in the final/entrance examination and WE(and we believe, YOU too) don't want to take a chance.

Banking upon all our past experiencces of online teaching we're conductng all our current courses exactly on the same line of the physical classroom courses, which are live and interactive.

Regardless to say, we stand committed to our students with regards to their success, and will provide all possible support, come what may.

As our branch offices are closed at present, information about such courses and class schedules are being communicated to students/parents through whatever communication medium is available. Please visit the new page to know more about current courses.

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